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In 1990, after traveling the world extensively for seven years, Ruth Tal returned to Toronto intending to attend university. Instead, after being inspired by the growing trend of juice bars and healthy eating south of the border, Ruth created Juice for Life. She dreamed of opening a vegetarian food and juice bar where people would feel accepted and satisfied no matter what their lifestyle or eating preferences. Now, over 20 years later, Juice for Life has evolved into Fresh. With the 3 Toronto Fresh locations well established, Ruth is now able to take the Fresh concept far and wide. In addition to co-owning Fresh with her two partners, she now helps others around the world achieve their own dreams of feeding local hungry patrons looking for veggie options by consulting with them and drawing on her 2 decades of experience in the natural food, juice and vegan/ vegetarian restaurant industry.

After graduating from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Jennifer worked at a pub in Kingston for five years while she tried to figure out what to do next. One day she helped out in the kitchen, and that was the beginning of a whole new life. Within a year she was at George Brown College in Toronto for Chef Training. Right after that she moved to Scotland and worked in a vegetarian restaurant for almost a year. Upon returning to Canada, Jennifer worked a couple of other kitchen jobs, but nothing really captured her heart until she came to work at Juice for Life. She quickly took over the reins in the kitchen, and became a partner in the business. Jennifer now oversees everything food related for Fresh.


Over the past decade, we have published four national bestselling cookbooks. We don't keep our recipes a secret because we want to encourage people to eat this way at home too. We believe in sharing what we have learned.

We are thrilled to announce that our newest cookbook SUPER FRESH is available for pre-order (and on-sale in bookstores across the country on September 15). If you pre-order the book between now and September 15, you'll receive a bonus recipe bundle of 6 extra original not-included-in-the-book tasty summer recipes!

Simply take a screenshot or photo of your proof of order and email it to us at feedback@freshrestaurants.ca and we'll email you back with the recipe bundle - super easy!

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Our latest cookbook has over 200 delicious and inspiring food and juice recipes.  From the restaurant's best sellers to our fantasy menu items, this book brings you new flavours and ingredients in the spirit of Fresh.  Want to do a healthy cleanse?  You can learn how in here.  Want to make a vegan Thanksgiving Dinner or our decadent Quinoa Onion Rings?  They're in here too!  From the healthiest salads and juices, to the most rich and decadent snacks and sandwiches, you can find it all in Fresh.

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Refresh contains over 150 innovative recipes from the Fresh menus, as well as detailed information on Juicing, Juice Fasting and Buying a Juicer.  Released in 2007, this book is a revised edition of the original Juice for Life cookbook. It has all the most loved recipes from the original, with 50 new recipes thrown in, and beautiful colour photos throughout.  Refresh is the perfect introduction to the Fresh world, and will show you how easy and fun this way of eating and drinking can be.

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Our second cookbook, released in 2003, contains many of our most requested recipes, including the ever-popular Crispy Tofu. It contains many of our greatest hits, like the Ninja, Buddha and Beach bowls, as well as the Jamaican Spinach and Moroccan Chick Pea & Stars soups.  With so many great food items, as well as gourmet juice bar recipes for energy elixirs, lassis and pro athletic shakes, this book appeals to people of all tastes, whether vegetarian, vegan or not.

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Our first published cookbook, Juice for Life, is no longer in print.  Released in September 2000, it became an official national bestseller in June 2001.  It has over 100 vegan food and juice recipes, hand picked from the first six years of operation.  Juice for Life was revised and updated to become “Refresh”, our third cookbook.